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What Is vMenu?

vMenu is a server-side trainer/menu for FiveM servers, allowing server owners to configure it almost completely using simple permissions.

We use Vmenu because it is simple and easy.

Features (in short)

  • All kinds of player options like god mode, heal, set health, wanted level, never wanted, weapons & ped spawning/customization.
  • Advanced MP character customization, allows you to fully customize, save and spawn (even spawn as a saved MP character on server join) the multiplayer male/female freemode peds.
  • All the vehicle options you can probably think of, including saving cars.
  • Quite a few miscellaneous features & settings. And developer tools.
  • Full permissions 8.7k and configuration 4.2k support.
  • LOT more that simply can’t fit on this page. Just try it out and see for yourself 


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Huge Thanks To Vespura