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What Is qtarget?

A completely rewritten and optimized targeting solution based on bt-target.
qTarget is a high-performance targeting solution that allows interaction with any predefined entity, model, entity type, or polyzone.
At the mere cost of ~0.04ms while activated you can easily and safely replace markers and distance checking, instead relying on intuitive design to improve player experiences.


  • Maintains compatibility with bt-target while providing improved utility and performance
  • Optimised and improved raycasting function allows interaction with a wider range of entities
  • Add generic options to apply for all players, peds, vehicles, or objects
  • Trigger an event or function after clicking an option, with the ability to pass any data through
  • Define distance on a per-option or overall basis when triggering qtarget function exports
  • Ability to redefine or remove options and add new options without replacing old ones
  • Update the option list when moving towards or away from a target with variable distances on their options
  • Support for entity bones, with built-in tables for opening vehicle doors
  • Support checking for job, items, or specific entities
  • Utilise the canInteract function for advanced checks to show or hide an option based on any trigger
  • Improved support when using ox_inventory



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