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What Is ox inventory?

A slot-based inventory with metadata support, implementing its items, weapons, shops, and more.

Ox inventory is the most reliable and feature reach inventory on the market 


  • Creates different shops for 24/7, Ammunition, Liquor Stores, Vending Machines, etc.
  • Job restricted shops, such as a Police Armoury.
  • Items can be restricted to specific job grades and licenses.
  • Define the price for each item, and even allow different currencies (black money, poker chips, etc).


  • Generic item data shared between objects.
  • Specific data stored per slot, with metadata to hold custom information.
  • Weapons, attachments, and durability.
  • Flexible item use allows for progress bars, server callbacks, and cancellation with simple functions and exports.
  • Support for items registered with ESX.


  • Server-side security prevents arbitrary access to any stash.
  • Support personal stashes, able to be opened with different identifiers.
  • Job-restricted stashes as well as a police evidence locker.
  • Server exports allow for registration of stashes from any resource (see here).
  • Access small stashes via containers, such as paper bags, from using an item.
  • Vehicle gloveboxes and trunks, both owned and unowned.

Temporary stashes

  • Dumpsters, drops, and non-player vehicles.
  • Loot tables allow users to find random items in dumpsters and unowned vehicles.


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Legal Notices

Ox Inventory

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