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What Is NPWD?

New-Phone-Who-Dis (NPWD) is a standalone, open-source phone resource created for use in FiveM. It was built from the ground up by some of the previous contributors and maintainers of the Reignited GCPhone project, who found the Vue 2 codebase littered with technical debt and legacy code that hindered continued development.

NPWD is an attempt at solving these problems and making a codebase that can be adapted and extended by the community. Maintainability has been our utmost priority as well. It has been designed to be as developer accessible as possible, with included utilities and tools to ease and streamline the phone development process.



  • Optimized
    • 0.01 ms on idle and 0.05 while in use.
  • Twitter
    • Like, reply, retweet, report, and delete your Tweets.
    • Send emojis and images directly from the phone's gallery or an external url. Gifs too!
    • NPWD features discord logging so all reported tweets will be sent to the configured webhook.
  • Matchmaker
    • Like tinder but without all the bots. Swipe right into romance or rejection.
    • As of v1.0, there is no filter for sexual preference.
    • Don't want this app? Follow the documentation here to disable it.
  • Marketplace
    • Post an ad with/without a picture.
    • Choose a picture from your gallery or a URL.
    • Features calling/messaging icons so no need to provide your number.
  • Text Messaging
    • Send a message or an image taken straight from the phone's Gallery.
  • Calling
    • Call anyone from anywhere.
  • Camera
    • Take pictures of yourself or your surroundings.
    • All pictures save to the gallery where they can be retrieved with a copyable link.
    • As of v1.0, there are currently two photo modes for the front/rear camera.
  • Contacts
    • Add a phone number to your contacts for easier access.
    • Supports up to 19 characters for phone numbers by default and easily changed within the
    • Gif support for an avatar.
  • Notes
    • Something you want to remember in-game? Make a note!
  • Calculator
    • Perform calculations.
  • Themes
    • Default dark theme or light theme with other themes in the works. Want to make your own? Follow our documentation.
    • Set within the Settings app.
  • 6 Custom Cases/Frames
    • These cases were made by DayIsKuan
    • Set within the Settings app.
  • Icon Sets
    • Change between material UI icons or our custom-made icons.
    • Want to make your own? Follow our documentation.
    • Set within the Settings app.
  • Notifications - Closed
    • While closed, only a portion of it will render to display a notification.
    • As of v1.0, this is currently used for calls, text, and tweets.
  • Notifications - Open
    • While open, all notifications occur across the top of the phone.
    • View missed notifications by clicking on the phone's header.
  • Streamer Mode
    • A mode designed for streamers where images are hidden unless clicked.
    • This applies across all apps on the phone.
    • Easily set within the phone's setting app.
  • Settings Configuration
    • Use a slider to set ringtone and notification alert volume.
    • Copy your phone number to the clipboard for easy sharing.
    • Configure a chosen ringtone or alert sound.
    • Choose between twelve languages as of v1.0.
    • Change frames, icon sets, and themes.
    • Adjust Zoom (100% to 70%).
    • Filter notification preferences.
  • Discord Logging


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