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What is Buty Airplane?

Advanced Airplane JOB, where you can take on the role of an Airplane Pilot and perform a large number of entertaining and varied missions.


  • Beautiful, fully configurable UI with modern animations.
  • Realistic interaction with NPCs and environmental objects.
  • LEGAL and ILLEGAL options of the job, with different missions adapted to each role.
  • LEVELS and EXPERIENCE system, your character will level up and gain access to higher salaries.

Original and fun ILLEGAL missions, with the possibility of calling the police or being chased by aggressive NPCs to rob you.



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The asset Escrow system, developed in collaboration with Tebex, provides a reasonable alternative to obfuscation and IP blocking. By guaranteeing ownership of the purchase, your content will only run on your clients' servers, nowhere else.
On top of that, your resources will be encrypted to prevent your work from being leaked.